Frequently asked questions

What are the personalised herbs for?

The personalised herbs are different teas/tinctures depending on what you need so if for example you lost a lot of blood during birth I’d add extra blood tonic herbs to your tea / broth to replenish yin and blood. It’s very basic and just edible / drinkable herbal teas.

Do you send the meals daily/weekly?

Food is brought weekly, delivered when the practitioner gives you your treatment (5 meals plus snacks plus tea/herbs/tinctures)

How many home visits a week does The Golden Month include?

There is one visit per week - Carla week 1 & 3 - Nadia week 2 & 4

What is the womb healing balm made of? Do we apply it daily along with the belly binding cloth or is it used with the massage?

Womb balm is coconut oil and cacao butter infused with rose geranium & sheoak, to be applied daily from 2nd week (Nadia will demonstrate) applies to the belly or even low back

Is it safe to have postpartum massage 2 weeks after a c-section?

Postpartum massage is safe after c-section, and a free follow up visit will occur at 6 weeks post cesarean to preform womb massage as this can only be done from 6 weeks post cesarean. But certainly week 2 & 4 with Nadia can be done safely

Do you have a payment plan and a booking cut off date?

50% of Payment is required upon booking (due to high demand we are only taking on a certain amount of clients each month) remainder of payment can be made in instalments. Full payment must be received before week 1 of treatments (when practitioner arrives at house). Booking as soon as you’re organised is recommended so as to avoid disappointment of booked out.

Is the pelvic care consultation and treatment eligible for health fund rebates under physiotherapy?

HPC is not covered under private health as of April 1, with the new systems in place BUT acupuncture is so you can claim half the package through this.

Can I claim for private health rebates with my health fund?

Yes, most funds cover home treatment claims BUT each individual fund is different so please check with your provider. You can only claim for the ACUPUNCTURE and/or CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE treatments after reach treatment (not when the payments have been made as the invoice needs to be dated according to when treatment was given).

What can you help to treat or support with?

A whole range of things from breastfeeding, mastitis, low milk supply or engorged breasts, low energy, insomnia, stress and anxiety, cramping, Caesarean healing, digestion, babies digestion to birth trauma, PTSD and postnatal depression to name a few. Contact us to enquire further

What time do I need to have my food order in by?

Friday 12pm

What time will my food be delivered by?

For Adelaide deliveries, Monday 10am-1pm, unless personally arranged otherwise

I’m gluten intolerant, can you cater to my needs?

Yes, our food is generally gluten free and can be made 100% gluten free

I have certain food allergies, can you cater to my needs?

Yes, we can make changes to our weekly menu to wait your dietary needs.

Can I claim the full package on my private health insurance?

Yes, 2 of your home visits are claimable under private health insurance At the end of your “Golden Month” we will email you receipts

I am heading away during my package time, can I skip one week & resume when we return?

Of course, we will always do our best to care for our clients

My toddler is in childcare on Friday’s. Can I have food delivered on Monday, & receive my treatment on another day?

Of course, we will always do our best to care for our clients & work around their needs/ comfort

If I have a cesarean section (planned or emergency), can I still get The Golden Package or Treatment Only Package?

Yes most definitely, and we highly recomend it as you'll need extra care and support in healing. 20% of our mama's have had cesareans and we modify our treatments for her and focus on scar healing to help with a quicker recovery.


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